Please join us—together in ministry.

You can actively participate in sharing the Gospel with the Kwakum people by becoming a dedicated prayer partner, a financial partner, a social networker, —or all three! God knew missionaries needed help to take the Good News of the Gospel to the far reaches of the earth so He made missionaries to be sent. Your sacrifices of prayer, money, and time are what will make our ministry possible. The link below will take you to the World Team page where you can donate to our account by filling in our names or account number (14139).

Dave drawing inside a Kwakum home.

The Sacrifice of Prayer

Prayer is incredibly powerful and therefore your prayers on our behalf are incredibly important to us. You can sign up to be a prayer partner and receive our monthly email newsletter here. Of course we’d love to talk to you personally and answer any of your questions. You can email us at dave.ernst (at) WorldTeam (dot) org or amanda.ernst (at) WorldTeam (dot) org.

Financial Partnership

Please join with others who have already committed to faithful monthly financial support. Your donations go towards making this ministry a reality. We are 100% committed to doing this work, and as soon as we reach 100% of our ministry funding David can finally begin working full time to produce the Biblical illustrations and animations for the Kwakum people—beginning with the Kwakum illustrated Storybook Bible!

You can donate by clicking on the link below. This will take you to World Team’s website.

  • Click on the “GIVE” button under the heading “Workers”
  • On the “Checkout” page, fill out your personal information
  • Under the heading “Write Missionary/Project Name or Number Below”, please add our account number 14139, or simply write “Dave and Amanda Ernst”
  • Click on the “Donate” button
  • That’s it! Thank you for helping bring HOPE to the Kwakum

Social Networker

We are willing to bet that you know people that we don’t know! Some of those people might be interested in what we’re doing to bring the good news of Christ to the Kwakum. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see God work in Cameroon. If so, please share this ministry with your friends, your church, and your family. You can contact us here to find out more about how to effectively do this!

Have you caught the vision? To reach our full funding goals we need partners who will share this ministry with as many people as possible. We’d also love to share our passion at your home meeting, church, small group, or neighborhood picnic—contact us and let’s make it happen. Plus ministry is always a great excuse to get together and visit…as if we needed an excuse.

Thank You

That’s it, you made it to the end. Thank you for becoming our ministry partner—and helping give the gift of Hope to the people of Cameroon…you signed up already, right!?

—The Ernst Family

Dave & Amanda Ernst in Cameroon Africa outside the Kwakum village.